Protect Your Hearing While Enjoying A Concert – What Should You Do?


Have you ever experienced a strong ringing sensation in your ears after attending a concert like the electric pet shop boy tour or seeing your favorite musical act? You most likely have. That constant ringing in your ears is known by its medical term Tinnitus, and it usually disappears after a day or two. That ringing sensation can include anything from a low whine, a squeal, or other sound variations. Also, if you find yourself very close to the speakers, you might experience a strong sound that resembles static, which is known as white noise. Fortunately, neither white noise nor tinnitus are permanent conditions, even though some rare cases of tinnitus can be.

A simple reason

The simple reason behind this ringing noise is the fact that after listening to loud music and the screams of the audience for hours, your inner ear can suffer damage. The inner ear has special hair cells, which are tasked with producing nerve signals, which then travel to the auditory part of the brain. In case they suffer damage, they will start sending out incorrect signals, which, in turn, causes the ringing sensation.


The inner ear and hair cells

If the hair cells suffer damage and trauma from excessively loud music, the normal sound stimulation will cease, which will cause the cells to fire on their own and cause the ringing sensation. Now, while this might seem a bit scary, this doesn’t mean you should avoid attending concerts. In fact, you should attend them as much as you can, as it has been proven that concerts can help us relieve stress. However, what you should do is try to protect your ears.


Now, the real question here is – How to protect your hearing when attending a concert? Well, the answer is rather simple – wear ear plugs. These days, ear plugs have become quite a common sight, and they are now an irreplaceable tool for both concert-goers and musicians. You can easily find ear plugs so small that they are almost completely inconspicuous. And, the best thing about them is that they will allow you to enjoy your favorite concerts without the risk of developing tinnitus. If you have the budget, you can also buy high-tech electronic ear plugs, which are designed to reproduce the sound, although at a lower level. With them, you can still hear everything perfectly well, but without damaging your inner ear and hearing. Also, if you regularly attend concerts while wearing certain hearing aids, be sure to turn them down to a lower level, in order to prevent the sound from damaging your hearing.

Keep your distance from the speakers

dhjdjd84After having been exposed to loud music for years, many musicians have learned to protect their ears with ear plugs. However, if you simply refuse to use these devices, make sure you are not seated in close proximity to the speakers while being at a concert. Keep in mind that the closer you are to the speakers, the bigger the chances are of you suffering from tinnitus after the concert.

Even though the inner ear’s hair cells have the ability to heal themselves, it is possible for them to break and therefore lead to permanent hearing damage. While most people do not suffer permanent damage, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. To avoid any risks, use ear plugs, or at least make sure you are far away from the speakers.